Thinking of Being a Snowbird?

Many Canadians are venturing into the USA markets especially Florida and Arizona areas.  With many regions in the USA having gone through some tough times, it makes sense that Canadians would want to invest in some of those low priced properties. 

Did you know your Canadian realtor is the first person you should contact?

Not many people realize that having a local realtor near home look out for their best interests is a huge factor in getting the best price and also helping them avoid problems when venturing into an unknown USA or foreign country housing market with an unknown realtor in that area.

It makes sense especially when realtors in the USA are trying to get every deal they can get to make a living in a down-turned or slow market, that these realtors might pressure you into buying while knowing that the property is not the right property for you.

I can offer you help buying in the USA.  Over the years I have built up several very good connections with many USA realtors which means you don’t get into problems when dealing in markets you don’t know without the best realtors looking out for you.  The same applies for other countries too!  My connections have to report to me when dealing with my clients whom I've put in touch with them.  My clients get 2 for 1 opinions - that simple!

Take a load of stress and worries off your shoulders.  Let me put you in touch with the right realtor prior to meeting a dozen realtors you may not like or trust.

Be a Smart Canadian and utilize your Canadian connection... Me!  

Having a good understand that country's real estate system works helps you and I am always here to assist you.  Bounce those thoughts or questions by me - I'll get the answers for you if I don't know them already.

Simply send me an email providing as much info as you can about your price range, property type preferrences, when you plan to spend time there looking around, and where you think you might like to look for your special property.  Remember too that the media is not always correct about the real estate market where you might be looking. Not everywhere in Florida can you get a fantastic cheap property yet listening to the media makes you think Florida has lots of deals - not so on the coastal regions.

Call Me - It’s that simple… It's FREE info!