Need Renovations Before the Sale?

Both Buyers and Sellers can have renovations incorporated into their mortgage whether buying or selling a property.

I have access to unique programs that allow the costs of renovations done by professional contractors (who are highly recommended, bonded and insured) to be estimated and then the costs authorized by lenders as part of the mortgage.  

All buyers should be aware of this special new program before they commit to an offer or buy a property especially if any renovations need to be done BEFORE they move into a property.

Sellers can utilize this program as well to get a quicker sale for higher dollars in the shortest possible time.  Why not have access to the buyers who want a home with all the work done!

Attention Buyers and Sellers
If you do not know about this unique and exclusive NEW program you definitely need to know all your options before you buy or sell!

It's in your best interest as a buyer or Seller to know all your options before you decide what you are doing.  Intelligent people make intelligent decisions.

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